What do people expect from the upcoming Apple iPhone 6?

Apple is set to release the iPhone 6 soon and many people are already pretty excited about it. A lot of speculation is going on about its look and specs. But, what exactly can people expect with the upcoming Apple iPhone 6?

Although there is no definite date set for the iPhone 6 release yet, if we take a look at Apple’s track record, we can safely assume that the company is most probably moving towards a September release. Apple is known to release its major products around the same time. However, since nothing is definite yet, let’s just keep our fingers crossed and wait for an official announcement.


  • NEW iOS—There are a lot of reports saying the new iPhone 6 will be equipped with the new iOS 8. The iOS 8 is said to bear similar designs with the iOS 7. However, the iOS 8 will be offering other features such as a better and fresher version of Apple Maps. An in-ap public transportation function will also be available with the upcoming iOS.
  • IMPROVED SIRI—besides a new iOS, Apple is also looking towards improving Siri. Apple is aiming towards making Siri more collaborative with third party apps.
  • BETTER SCREEN SIZES—although nothing is official yet, there are a lot of rumors going on about the iPhone 6’s screen size. According to the grapevine, Apple is set to release two (2) screen sizes: 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. If this is true, then it would appear that Apple is trying to compete in the Phablet market this time around.
  • TREND AND POWER TRACKING—this power management system is helpful for tracking the user’s habits as well as adjusting the phone’s performance according to the user’s preferences. This feature will help monitor the charge and discharge cycles of the device to match its CPU performance.

Apple has not made any official announcement on the iPhone 6.

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