Must Have Pebble Smartwatch Apps

The Pebble Smartwatch is one of the most successful Smartwatch on the market today. Not only is it compatible with most smartphones—both iPhones and Android—it can also perform a number of functions and even hold up to 8 apps at a time. No wonder it’s one of the most popular Smartwatch today.

If you’re a Pebble user, you might want to check out some of the best apps that are currently available for your Smartwatch.

  1. Timer—Timer is one of the best timer apps out there. You have the option to decrease or increase time by 10 seconds so that anything under 10 minutes won’t take too long to set. It also has a countdown display once the timer starts. Available for iOs and Android.

  2. Pebble Locker (Android)—when you have your Pebble watch near your Smartphone, you can disable your lock screen using the Pebble locker. The lock screen is restored when the Bluetooth connection between your Smartphone and the Pebble watch is broken. The Pebble locker also works with other devices that use Bluetooth and even for specific WiFi networks such as disabling security when leaving and coming home. Available for Android only.

  3. Music Boss—The Music Boss helps you control volume, EQ and helps you navigate through songs and playlists when you’re listening to music or audio content using your Smartwatch. Available for Android only.

  4. Go Pro remote—having a Go Pro remote can be very handy especially if you’re mounting your Go Pro camera on a helmet or places that are out of your reach. The Pebble watch is waterproof and can go anywhere the Go Pro camera can. However, remember that the remote app still needs to establish communication with your mobile device. Available for iOS and Android.

  5. Pebble Calendar 2.0—it’s a simple app that gives you a full-month view calendar on your Pebble Smartwatch. You can toggle on a few settings such as language, week settings and displaying holidays. Pebble Calendar 2.0 works well with both iOs and Android.

  6. Huebble –if you own Philips Hue smart bulbs (or are planning to buy some) then the Huebble is definitely a must for you. It is an app that allows you to control Hue lights from the watch.  Available for iOs and Android

There are over 200 hundred Smartwatch apps available on Google Playstore and the Apple store, but you don’t need to try all of them at once. Choose wisely and pick those you think meet your needs and suit your style.

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